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From: Jeff Bode
Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dear Friend,

It's true the hardest part of making money online is making that first $100. They say you need a lot of money or a lot of time to 'make it' online...

I say B.S.

You see I struggled to make money online and when I actually was making money online I wasn't happy with my results...

I was missing one important thing - that made a HUGE difference...

It's Called 'Leverage'

and it's one of the only ways you can make 'good money' online without a lot of money to invest and without a lot of time - Soon you'll realize that my system is a winner and you'll make instant money

Most Traffic Methods Completely Suck!

it's no wonder most of us quite or never really get started making what we deserve online

that's why when I discovered the true power of creating viral reports as a truly powerful cash machine and traffic generator...

I had to share it with you... after all not long ago I was struggling and I know how massively frustrating it is...

Hearing about all these ridiculous #'s most claim to make online - I was sooo sick of it, so I decided to work with what I had which wasn't much

Imagine how cool it is to have your own money making product being passed around... so you could make more money!

You can't do that with search engine optimization, ppc or whatever other gimicks you use to promote quality products

Don't get me wrong they are good methods to get traffic... they just involve more learning and more investments of time and money

What's Your Burning Desire?

I know you have a burning desire to make a full time income online for your own personal freedom and security, but don't have $1,000s to invest or 50+ hours a week to work on your business... that's why this is just what you need to get started making 'real money' online

In fact you can have your own money making viral report online and in front of 100's of potential customers in 30 minutes or less!

does that sound like something you would be interested in?

I have to confess the more you work at it the more money you will make, but your smarter than the average marketer you know that it takes a little effort to get things going... the cool thing is with viral reports you can start out with just one quick viral report and produce an ongoing cash machine in record time - it's really that easy!

That's why I have developed this course for you, because I know that getting traffic and making money is easy when you know how to build viral reports that turn into never ending cash machines

viral report cash

Here's What You'll Discover...

Planning Your Viral Report

  • The 3 major factors that determine how much you make with viral reports
  • Why choosing the right goal for your report will determine how much cash you can generate
  • The ideal product to promote to make the most cash from your viral reports - get this wrong and you won't make a cent!
  • How many products to promote in your viral report... and why this has a huge impact on the type of report you create
  • 2 types of products that are usually winners... you can make recurring commission with them!
  • The strategic placement of your affiliate link to make the most cash
  • Why you must give them ______ and use a _____ to make them 5 times more likely to go to the sales page and buy the product
  • The 2 types of selling you should use and where you should use them... do this wrong and your report will scare everyone away leaving you with empty pockets

Quick Content Creation

  • How to swipe viral report ideas and have a 'perfect match' hot product to promote all at once
  • What exactly to look for to make sure you have a hot product idea... skip the pain and hassle of creating a 'flop' - this will save you a ton of time
  • Is personal branding important? you'll find out when you need it and when you don't
  • Swipe my proven viral report structure... so that you can whip up good viral reports in no time... even with very little actual content
  • How to keep them interested... this will get you more cash
  • The problem solution approach - use it correctly and you have a money making viral report!
  • The 4 things you should do to make sure they read your report easily - then click the link to make you money
  • Why being lazy when creating your report will pay off

Creating A Killer Viral PDF

  • Exactly how to create your PDF at absolutely no cost!
  • What to include in your PDF to save your butt, get more exposure, and make it easier to read
  • Why you must shorten your links and how to track the effectiveness of your eBook
  • What sentence you must include at the start of your report to make it 7 times more viral

Getting Viral Traffic Fast

  • 27 places to submit your ebook quickly and easily... even target buyers
  • How to 'snipe' hot eBook ideas and use them to make quick cash
  • How to get an extra bump in free traffic to your eBooks... increase search engine traffic and social media traffic
  • How forums will send more targeted visitors to your viral report


For Massive Traffic You'll Also Get...

Massive Exposure Fast For Viral Reports

This alone is easily worth the entire price if not double or triple the entire price of this course. I've personally added $1000s in extra cash from using these exact tactics and I know you can do the same. In fact I've included some of my most closely guarded secrets that you're not going to get from anyone else I promise you that - Here's why this is so powerful...

  • How to steal paying customers with viral reports... and have the list owner thanking you for it
  • How to first identify if you have a 'hot viral report' and how to take it to the next level for even more cash, more exposure and more credibility
  • Who to seek out to spread your eBook like wildfire
  • Make your viral report irresistable... so you can get tons of free traffic
  • The secret strategy I used to add tons of subscribers on my list... including people begging to give away my viral reports
  • How to get your viral report on your potential customers computer... most don't do this and it kills their success!
  • Hidden profits you never thought about... they don't even have to open your eBook
  • Quickly make your eBook appear more valuable and more giveaway friendly


Listen, everything above will be in your hands so you can quickly and easily follow the clear directions I've laid out for you step by step so that you can create your own money making viral report...

This beats out tons of other traffic generation methods because it requires far less time and money. I'm sure you're a more considerate person that likes to help others more than most people and creating viral reports is a great way for you to spread your giving nature to more people while at the same time be praised and rewarded for it

Since I know this will have a huge impact on your bank account and will far outreach my effort alone I've decided to give you a ridiculous deal... you would be crazy to pass up!

Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea...

Giving (using viral reports) is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process

Jim Rohn

here's what my email looked like... and those sales where from viral reports I created in less than an hour... not bad for an hours work right?

cash from viral report

The really cool thing is the more viral reports you create and distribute online the more you can make each month... in fact I just got paid commission for the month from a viral report that I haven't touched since April 2009 - how's that for passive income?

Bonuses That Make This Way Too Irresistible to Pass Up

To Make this an absolute no brainer for you, I've decided to give away some bonuses that will have you making more than your money back in no time. Here's what you get:

Bonus #1: Done-For-You High Converting Viral Reports

I'm so confident you'll make money with viral reports, that I want to prove it to you by giving you a collection high converting viral reports. Here's why this is so powerful...

You'll get your own viral ebooks just insert your affiliate link and make 100% instant commissions directly to your paypal account

...so you can quickly make more than the price of this product back, by doing practically nothing.

Yup that's right all you have to do is insert your affiliate link where I tell you, then submit the eBooks where I tell you to and the cash is all yours!

Bonus #2: Proven Fill In The Blank Viral Report Template

Finally, I've decided to make this super easy on you, so that you can simply open the viral report document fill in the blanks and convert it to PDF format... so it's super quick and super easy on you

My Personal Guarantee

Here's how this works... I'll give you an entire 60 days to simply try out this course if you can't make your measily investment back... I don't want your money because I can't possibly make it any easier on you, I'll give you a complete refund

There is no 'catch' what so ever

Listen - you've read this far, you obviously have the determination and will to help others and be rewarded for it... for that I congratulate you

Please Let Me In!

Yes Jeff, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS So I, Can Create Viral Money Making Reports Fast!

I Want To Download This Immediately Before
The Price Goes Up!


Only $47.00 $7


I understand I'll be downloading the entire Viral Report Cash Course Plus Bonuses for a tiny one-time payment of just $7 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 60-day money-back guarantee if I'm unsatisfied in anyway. I also understand this price is limited and will not last long!


To your online success,


P.S. When you say yes today you will get instant access to the whole entire course including bonuses all backed by a 60 day full refund policy.


Jeff Bode, jefbode@gmail.com, 2683 Pine Dunes Dr Grandville, MI 49418, 616-780-7542
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